Track all rental processes easily in one place from quotation to invoicing, with this easy-to-use, super-intuitive solution. The app can be used by car rental, property rental, tools rental and any other rental business. 

Popular odoo RENTAL Modules

odoo subscriptions


Manage recurring invoices and payments for long term leases.

odoo rental


Customize rental plans and automate the entire process including payment and confirmation.

Create your rental order, schedule, deliver, return, and invoice from one single view. Get all the information you need directly on the rental order.



Real-time Overview

Schedule your rentals easily.

  • Keep your products unavailable in-between two rentals with padding time if you need to maintain or check their quality.

  • Keep an eye on the availability of your products and serial numbers from a Gantt view.

Professional Quotations

Highlight your products and maximize your revenues.

  • Send clear rental orders to your customers.

  • Configure products according to their requirements.

  • Maximize your revenues by offering optional products.

professional quotations

property RENTAL

Manage every aspect of the leasing process with streamlined services and advanced tools.

  • Create customized contracts specific to each rental.

  • Capture, store, and manage tenant information using an all-inclusive platform.

  • Display and promote the properties that are up for rental.

  • Notify residents about changes in their contracts.

car rental 

Connect the management of the fleet, people and rent to make the operations as efficient as possible..

  • Create customized contracts specific to each car rental.

  • Manage customer information using a comprehensive platform.

  • Display and promote the vehicles that are up for rental.

  • Notify clients about changes in their rental policy.

odoo subscription management

subscription management

Allow the implementation of complex membership and subscription models.

  • Create customizable reports and analytics in a centralized environment.

  • Allow to change pricing plans or pause and resume subscriptions easily.

  • Handle discounts, promotions, and coupons. 


Product Configurator 

Configure and rent your products by easily selecting your product attributes.

Order & Invoicing Analysis 

Drill down sales and invoicing data by product, serial number, product category, customer, period, etc.


subscription MANAGEMENT

Manage recurring invoices and payments in a centralized environment.


Easily follow the status of each item in the order (reserved, delivered, returned, invoiced).

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