Enable efficient access to ERP data by asking natural-language questions to the ERP bot.



Receive personalized alerts enabling users to interact and ask for more information or probable solutions immediately.

  • Receive customized alerts, and act on the alert from a device of your choosing, whether that is a computer or mobile device

  • Allow users to immediately take action and request more information or potential solutions to the alert.


Automate data input by submitting relevant data automatically into the records and eliminate repetitive entries.

  • Reduce the time it takes to input and change data.

  • After eliminating duplicate entries, bots will handle all of the data mining, modification, and submission of relevant data into the records.

  • Quick employee access to data in order to make business decisions.
odoo automated actions
odoo user experience

Enriched User Experience

Improve user experience by being available on-demand, 24/7, and across various devices.

  • Provide customer support and personalization.

  • Offer quick responses to simple questions.

  • Reduce customer wait time.

  • G enerate high-quality leads.

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