Assume full control over your financial and accounting operations by using a suite of comprehensive tools. 

Localization packages for UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq, KSA, Qatar, Egypt.

Our POPULAR ODOO accounting modules

odoo accounting

General Accounting

Build your own general ledger, account payables, receivables, transactions, taxes and generate your financial reports easily.

odoo assets

Fixed Assets

Carry out amortization and depreciation procedures with ease to take advantage of the tangible and intangible assets of your organization.

odoo budget

Budget & forecasting

Allocate resources and automate purchases. Track your budget, compare and analyze actual performance with previously set forecasts.

analytic accounting

Cost & Analytic Accounting

Structure your accounts based on projects, contracts, departments; produce analytical entries automatically and divide your cost centers.

odoo billing

Subsciption & Billing

Create and control subscriptions and billing plans with ease. Choose membership models that best fit your line of business, be it monthly or yearly.

odoo funds

Funds & Loans

Register received payments and reserve specified amounts. Issue valuable reports to monitor expenditures, reconciliations, disbursements, etc.

Advanced features that help you reduce time and effort while maximizing your ROI.


odoo accounting

Fiscal localized accounting rules

Benefit from personalized tools that abide by the specific regulations of your country and geographical location.

  • Abide by your country's payroll rules.

  • Create a chart of accounts for your country and add the local tax rates.

  • Benefit from your country's electronic invoicing rule and specific reports.

  • We cover UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, KSA, Qatar and Egypt accounting localizations.

Accounting for government

Manage financial transactions using custom-built solution that provide the needed security and scalability to the public sector entities.

  • Improve financial services within various governmental departments.

  • Provide budgeting schemes that adhere to the government or public laws.

  • Manage funds and loans of your public entity.

Accounting for Business Companies

Manage financial transactions using custom-built solution that provide the needed security and scalability to your business.

  • Improve your financial services. 

  • Handle easily your invoices, bills and bank reconciliation.

  • Manage your cost accounting with an advanced tool.


Combine your multi-companies accounting data in a single platform and safely store your data in a unified repository.

  • Unite subsidiaries reports with the parent company account.

  • Gain complete oversight of your accounting information from the same source.

  • Generate statements for different accounts from one place.

financial consolidation


Create, edit and store formal records to keep track of your financial activities and business position.

  • Evaluate your financial health and earnings with instant and dynamic reports.

  • Generate personalized reports such as balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flows, audit reports, tax reports, performance reports.

  • Compare your figures between different periods.


Get everything you need from your "multis" accounting system.

  • Multi-currency support: Get your currencies rate updated automatically.

  • Multi companies: Get all your subsidiaries integrated in the same system with consolidation reports. Automate business flows with inter-company rules.

  • Multiple users: Define as many users as you want with different access rights.

  • Multi Journals: Organize your document into several journals (by departments, by type of activity) to split roles across several users.



Control recurring billings, track payments and generate personalized invoices with ease.

Bank synchronization

Import all documents related to banking activities and sync your statements automatically.

odoo accounting


Obtain a detailed view of upcoming bills and expenses to adapt your budget accordingly.

EFFORTLESS reconciliation

Automate reconciliation processes using advanced tools to eliminate errors and reduce time.

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