Dental Clinic

Record data of all patients who are visiting the clinic for any type of service.

Popular odoo modules for Dental Clinic INDUSTRY

odoo appointments


Allow patients to easily book, reschedule, or cancel their appointments all from a user-friendly interface.

odoo website


Let your customers book the services from the website and see the appointment details.

Odoo CRM

CRM & Marketing

Drive customers down the sales funnel by establishing efficient marketing and support strategies.

odoo sales

SALES & Invoicing

Create professional invoices automatically based on the quotes you send from the clinic.

Manage your patients and appointments, search customers very easily, in-built list of dental treatment & detailed reports.


odoo dental management

Pre-configured treatments

  • Create dental treatments apart from the ones already mentioned in the system list.

  • Select the appropriate treatment to be performed on the patient.

Patients and appointments data  

  • Maintain the family details of your patients.

  • Create new patient details on the fly while booking an appointment.

  • Maintain correct data. 

  • Display your patients’ appointments.
odoo dental management
odoo dental management

Medical questionnaire & Medical alert  

  • Allow users to fill in the answers to medical questions, which can be updated in the future.

  • Pop up a medical alert notification.

Teeth Chart  

  • Allow doctors to select the teeth surface and then select the procedure for it.

  • Add the procedure name with other details like description, tooth, surface, status, dentist name, etc.

  • Generate a draft invoice.

odoo dental management
odoo dental management


  • Upload the x-ray images of your patients.


  • Generate reports by selecting the date range.

  • Customize your reports and print it.

odoo reports
odoo dental management

Planned visit alerts  

  • Notify if your patient did not attend his planned visits.

  • Create alerts and reminders for providers and patients.

  website and online appointment

  • Receive patient appointments from the website. 

  • Create available time slots. 

odoo dental management
odoo invoicing



  • Create invoices for lab tests, appointments, and prescriptions.

  • Enter them automatically in the balance sheet.



email and sms marketing  

  • Keep track of the campaigns in an effective way.
  • Send messages automatically at the right time.
  • Choose various contacts and send an SMS to each of them.

odoo email and sms marketing

efficient features FOR ALL dental clinics


Users can see patient appointments.

medical questionnaire

Users can fill in the answers to medical questions.

odoo dental management

medical alert

The system will pop up a medical alert notification whenever a user opens the patient form.


Doctors can see the complete history of patients in an operations menu.

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