Our New Business Partnership in UAE With SWITCH MADE!

Proudly announcing the start of a new digital transformation journey with SWITCH MADE!

Switch Made is a Leader French manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. They develop, produce & market a wide range of LED lighting solutions and services adapted to customer’s needs. Switch Made expressed the need to eliminate the manual process to save a lot of time and money by implementing a comprehensive user-friendly ERP solution to optimize their operational processes and day-to-day operations.

Plennix, the official Odoo Partner, implemented a full ERP system integrating all their processes together. Switch Made team are moving to a paperless environment and handling all their business operations on Odoo.

The implementation included the below:

  1. Accounting system: Granted the company the ability to have clear dynamic statements that allow accountants to view their reports clearly, create earnings reports, balance sheets, and cash flow statements in just a few clicks, with a user-friendly platform to quickly filter, zoom, annotate or compare any data.

  2. CRM: A module used to track leads, close opportunities, and get accurate forecasts. It offers the company a detailed insights in order to make quick and intelligent decisions in the future.

  3. Inventory: A module used to manage stock and avoid stockouts, and experience total traceability. 

  4. Sales & Purchase: Modules upgrading the sales processes.

Automation was key in our implementation, in order to improve the efficiency and increase the productivity rate.

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