Odoo Experience 2022
Odoo 16 Launching event

Every year, Odoo brings together people, partners, customers, and ERP enthusiasts
from all over the world to attend their Odoo Experience event. Visitors exchange
ideas and learn about business growth and best practices as well as
participate in the launch of the most recent Odoo version. With many business
leaders and professionals attending every year, the event has grown into one of
the world's largest open-source business software gatherings.

This year, Odoo Experience 2022 featured more than 60 exhibitions and over 200
presentations. It was held in Belgium, the birthplace of Odoo, after being hosted
online for the two previous years due to the constraints and shutdowns imposed
in many locations across the world.

"The event transformed the way we think about business," indicated the Odoo team.

Participation of Plennix in Odoo Experience 2022

P​lennix, Odoo's Gold Partner and Odoo's best MENA partner for 2020
and 2021, participated in the event. Our team headed to Belgium and connected
with other Odoo enthusiasts where all together watched the launch of Odoo 16. The
keynote was amazing and like every year, Odoo's CEO Fabien Pinckears revealed
amazing new apps and features. 

Our team met business advisers and people looking for a business solution to
manage their companies' operations. We were delighted by the presence of
businesspeople from the Middle East region such as United Arab Emirates, The
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Egypt all interested in Odoo and
finding the right partner in the region. Moreover, our CEO Samer Hobeika benefited
from the opportunity to have lunch with Fabien Pinckears and to discuss further topics
of interest for our company.

In these 3 days of Odoo experience, we discovered new horizons of Odoo:

1- Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.

Speakers from all over the world joined the Odoo event and gave inspiring talks and
presentations on various subjects such as Odoo development, functional
capabilities, partnership benefits, business development and Odoo onboarding. It is
a great source to learn about the current and new features in the Odoo world.

2- Launching of Odoo 16.

The most compelling aspect about Odoo Experience 2022 is the keynote
presentation and launch of Odoo 16 by Fabien Pinckaers. Attendees were all excited
and eager to learn more about the new Odoo version and its latest functionalities
and features.

3- Looking forward for new collaborations and partnerships.

Participating agencies, developers and companies approached attendees and showcased their services and collaboration. This included our team who met with businesspeople from different industries opening doors to create professional connections with small and large enterprises.
These industries included retail, restaurant, oil and gas, hospitality, trading, beauty and
spa, manufacturing, food and beverages, etc. We also had a chance to connect
with several Odoo professionals on Instagram and LinkedIn which gave our social
media's profile a major boost and interest.

On top of that, Plennix Vice President, Tony Farhat delivered a 30-minute speech about the paperless journey of Seventh Dimension Company and answered many questions regarding the digital transformation topic.


This event was filled with an impressive number of insightful presentations from a
wide range of industries and more than 180 talks and demos. There is no doubt this event developed and deepened our team’s knowledge and provided great and professional networking opportunities.

Don’t forget to connect with us and get familiar with our company. We firmly believe that “The more you learn, the more you grow” and this is our ultimate motive behind attending this enterprising event.

Odoo 16 New Features
Odoo 16