ODOO Training services

We make sure you will get the best ROI from your business software solution by training you on the right way of usage.

Behind every successful business software implementation is the organization’s workforce. Employees should be well-trained and should become experts in using the new system to deliver better value for the business.

Plennix provides efficient and superior training services to your organization to avoid the risks of delayed adoption and implementation, errors and system failures. Training will cover all the aspects of the system’s features, highlighting business processes and how to perform daily tasks within the system.  

We help your team become confident and self-sufficient users of your new business software solution. 

Odoo training


employee productivity

Provide employees with proper training to perform their job efficiently using fewer resources, money and time and create value quickly by taking full advantage of the system.

reduce cost

Utilize the functionalities of the new system without any external help, therefore reduce costs, save time and increase ROI in the long-term. 

decrease risk

Reduce risks of human errors by training employees on the functions related to their job-specific roles and improving overall workplace competency.


trainers training


Train the trainers to become familiar with the training courses, the software prerequisites, the training materials and how to address the content. Help the trainer develop the knowledge and skills he needs to run the training sessions.

  • Provide training on theories and concepts, practical training tips and activities with details explanation about the course design. 

  • Show how effective to start with team building and learn about the ice-breaking games.

  • Increase trainers’ presentation skills and their confidence while presenting the training session.

  • Learn how to facilitate an interactive learning experience and increase the attention and energy level of the trainees.


Train the technical team and IT users to master all the technical aspects of your new ERP system.

  • Provide the technical team with the required knowledge on the system development languages and database engine.

  • Train the IT staff on how to continuously configure the new system.

  • Learn how to run queries in the database for specific requirements and track database backups.

  • Provide the IT team with technical documents and guides about the new system.

technical team training
end users training


Teach your employees how to use the newly implemented business software solution so they can become more productive and generate value for your business. 

  • Prepare employees to embrace the new technology and identify how the new system can improve their daily tasks.

  • Adapt employees to new processes and teach them how to work out any problems, doubts, or unnecessary errors.

  • Teach employees from different departments how to use the features and functionalities of the new system related to their job-specific roles.

  • Provide employees with user guides and materials to help them understand and use all the system modules and components properly.

Plennix offers you all the smart and scalable tools you need to grow your organization.