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Odoo is growing with every passing year. We've seen some significant changes in Odoo's overall performance and user interface over the last few versions. Expect a better operating experience with Odoo 16, including improved ease of access, speed, and data management.

This blog will provide an overview of the upcoming Odoo 16 features

  • Performance

Odoo prioritized performance with version 16 to ensure maximum performance and prominence in its field, as it is the fastest, most user-friendly, and most advanced version of its predecessor.

  • New Modules and Other Big changes

Odoo's existing modules will have a significant number of new features and tools integrated into them to improve workflow and efficiency. Odoo 16 introduces new modules and components in a new and improved form. 


Without the knowledge module, Odoo 16 cannot be fully introduced. This particular module is a part of Odoo 16. The two are equivalent. Professionals and managers will be able to create documents and exchange knowledge with one another thanks to the knowledge module. All of Odoo's modules are compatible with this capability. With the knowledge module, the organization will be more productive since employee and employer communication will be better.  

  • The Improved Website builder module     

More customization and control options are now available for the website building blocks or elements. The module's front end and back end were previously distinct, but in the updated version, they were  combined to preserve a single user interface and increase the website's customizability. You can make the adjustments without having to reload the page, giving you much easier access to the website setup options. More grouping and filtering components can now be added to a webpage for simple user administration.

  • Coupons and Promotions

Coupons and promotions are centralized on a single platform and are accessible via PoS, ECommerce, and standard orders. For developers, the interface is cleaner, and the code is limited to short lines. Coupons and promotions have traditionally been treated as separate functional features with their platforms, which has confused some users about the coupons and promotions program management process with Odoo. The unified platform for coupons and promotional programs will make configuration and management simple. The previous version of Odoo lacked an eWallet, which is now included in the new version.

  • Accounting

Odoo 16 includes an improved accounting module with improved Intrastat reporting, VAT ID validation for eCommerce stores, and e-invoicing methods. You can see Journal Audit reports that are easy to  read and will improve information related to VAT regulations.
It also includes a new bank reconciliation widget for better multi-currency handling and  accounting reporting. The credit limit alert in sales and invoices is one of the new features in Odoo 16. Furthermore, you may notice an OCR-separate setting for generating client invoices.

  • Inventory

For backorders, your workforce no longer needs to press the 'cancel' button. To avoid future issues,  Odoo's new version can automatically manage this. On the shipping method, you might come across a better postcode filter that accepts 'prefixes' rather than a 'form-to'. This version would also allow you to print data.
You can easily scan a package, pick and count the product quantity, and Force scan a mandatory or optional product. Odoo 16 allows you to control how far in advance you want to create a product/order replenishment.

  • Merged Subscriptions Into Sales Order

Subscriptions are merged into sales orders in Odoo 16 for easier management. As Odoo focuses more on user convenience, the new merging of the Subscription with the sales orders will make subscription management much easier.

  • Marketing module

In Odoo 16, the email marketing module has been improved. With this edition, you can create brand-new templates utilizing email layouts you've already created. Additionally, it is simple and quick to change the mailing list's global settings. You can quickly obtain your contacts' mailing addresses as well. The dashboard in Odoo 16 allows you to retweet tweets for social networking and   marketing purposes. This tool makes it simple to manage the social media accounts for your company's online presence.  

  • Sign Module

With this new feature, you will be able to refuse to sign a document. You can also change the person assigned to a role after the request has been made. You can use the sign module to define 'stress days' for an important project, letting your workforce know the task's priority. You can also view the leaves, available days, and allocations associated with Time-Off.
If you need to plan your employees' off-days and total working hours, you can try the Odoo Gantt View Time-Off App's FREE Demo. One of the most amazing and popular apps on the Odoo store for assisting businesses in working smartly with advance planned leaves.

  • MRP

The latest Odoo 16 version allows you to split and combine manufacturing orders. Additionally, your clients can check the status of their manufacturing order if a link is established with a selling order. Now your subcontractor may handle production registration.

In conclusion, using and managing your business with Odoo 16 will be simple. Odoo ensures that you produce the highest level of efficiency in business management through the addition of functionality and a new user interface.





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