A complete new experience to client in availing their beauty services.

Popular modules for BEAUTY & SALON

odoo website


Create an online salon, let your customers book the services from the website and see the appointment details.

odoo POS


Operate an advanced POS system suitable for your salon. Manage your inventory, administer loyalty programs, and control sales. 

CRM & marketing


Drive customers down the sales funnel by establishing efficient marketing and support strategies.

odoo shifts


Manage multiple shifts, organize them by role, by employee or by project. Create an efficient workday schedule to streamline your workflow.

Manage your daily operations while improving your overall salon services.



Most customers want to book online, and having a platform to do that will attract more customers and save you lots of time.  

  • Allow users to add all the necessary information including detailed descriptions of their needs.

  • Display all appointments in built-in calendars to avoid conflicts.

  • Allow clients to reschedule or cancel meetings.

employee sales commission

Manage the commission of the employee.  

  • By Section method: The commission is given based on how much revenue is generated by the employee.
  • Fixed percentage method: A fixed percentage type commission can be defined and assigned to the employee.

sales comission

customer information management

Manage customer operations.

  • Centralize your customer's data.
  • Remind your customers about their appointments.
  • Send promotions to your customers.


Chair management

Provide quick service to the customers/members.

  • Allocate chairs to your customers.
  • Check your chair allocation in real-time. 

odoo chair management
appointment reminder

appointment reminder

Set reminders and manage appointment invitations efficiently.

  • Set reminders in notifications, emails, or text messages.
  • Set calendar alarms.
  • Access appointments by managing your calendar.

Employee Shifts

Create and manage employee work shifts.  

  • Define a list of work shifts.
  • Define flexible hour-wise shifts.
  • Assign new shifts automatically.

employee shifts
sms marketing

email and sms marketing

Plan, organize, and schedule marketing campaigns.

  • Keep track of the campaigns in an effective way.
  • Send messages automatically at the right time.
  • Choose various contacts and send an SMS to each of them.

Advanced tools for beauty & salon

Calendar View (For Advanced Bookings)

The calendar view enables the Managers/Owners to manage the beauticians and customers.

Employee/ Beautician Management

POS system for salons makes it easy to select the right Employee/Beautician for the right customer.

beauty salon

Membership Enrollment

Customers can enroll themselves as a member of the salon to get added benefits.

Manage Commission of Employee / Beautician

The commission is given based on how much revenue is generated by the Employee/Beautician.  

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